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The dance classes

The education concept

The viaDanza salsa education concept carries mainly the signature of Helena Bernardo. Since more then 15 years she is a renowned dance teacher at the international dance scene. In Stuttgart she owns her own viaDanza salsa dance school. Many of her experiences she uses within the lessons at our Cuban Dance travel. It is her experience that make these lessons so interesting for our guests. You will learn the salsa in a mission of European efficiency with the Cuban temperament of our Cuban dance team.

The dance course and their levels

All courses will take place in the surrounding area of your hotel. The level of the course is measured at the group. Mainly three to four levels and there is always a possibility to get individual classes.

Your benefit: from beginners till experienced salsa dancers, everyone will enjoy the salsa at their own level.
You will be provided with your own viaDanza Cuban dance partner, you will see that the Cuban feeling will get right at you!

The Team

The very high quality of the viaDanza dance course is very important to us and ofcourse for you as a guest.
viaDanza only have people at their service who successfully graduated at the " Casa de la Cultura" in Havana in Cuban Dance and salsa. They also have several years of experience as a salsa or dance teacher
A bigger plus: They are known with the typical problems that most Europeans have while dancing the salsa.
You will notice that during our training many of the salsa dance techniques will come back each day, this is how our dance team will let you learn and enjoy salsa.
Because you will have your own Cuban dance partner, who are also active within the ballet, music or salsa scene, you will experience their experience at the different education levels.

The lessons

The lessons take place in the morning and usually last for about three hours*.
Dependent of the booked trip you will get from 18 till 21 hours of dance classes. Everyone will get their own Cuban dance partner. No matter if you are traveling alone or with your own partner.
The first lesson you will learn about all the Cuban dances, like mambo, cha cha cha and Rumba. After that you will learn about the salsa, rhythm and time training. Getting familiar with all the other dances is very important to the development of your salsa education and belongs to the standard program just like the salsa figures and Rueda de Casino.
During all the lessons there will be spend a lot of attention to style, body attitude and expression.

Above all, it is very important to us that you will enjoy the classes and have a lot of fun. And also experience the passion that many Cubans feel while dancing the salsa.

We like to promote this feeling by taking you to the many " Fiesta's" outside the lessons and celebrate this feeling together with our viaDanza team.

* From experience we know that three hours of salsa classes a day gives the optimal result. We can always provide you with more hours when you wish to take more classes.




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